Tuesday, October 19, 2010

College Essay

Michael Solimini
Mr. Gallagher
Period 1 CP
19 October 2010
College Essay
There is one person in my life who has made a positive impact on me and that is my auto shop teacher Mr. Bazzinotti. Ever since the first day of class freshman year he has shown me the ways of how to use the many tools in class and also how to properly put them away.. But he has shown me …

Freshmen year we learned how to fix small engines such as lawn mowers. And we learned how to do simple things like how to change the oil and how to check and change the spark plugs. This came in handy that summer when my lawn mower broke. After I fixed it, job fixing other people’s lawn mowers. Also, we got a basic introduction to safety.

Sophomore year we left the small engines behind and started working on more real life tasks such as changing brakes and rotating tires to insure that the tires wear evenly. Changing breaks is a easy task but it’s a lot of responsibility because if perhaps it’s not right and something happens to the person driving the car it’s all your fault because you were the last one working on this. So this taught me how to be more responsible and pay attention to my surroundings in my work area.

Here we are now, starting my junior year in level 3 auto tech. This year is going to be a lot more interesting then the others because we are getting into cars and how the engines work and we also get to take a engine apart to see all the parts and how they all play a role with each other. The major responsibly I had to face was staying organized with all the parts and the screws that went with them. Towards the end of the year I decided to take on my own project with my fellow group member Nick. We decided we were going to try and make a go-kart and have it fully functional. But it didn’t work but the good thing we learned was don’t give up and try to preserve through the good and bad times. This was the year the most influenced my decision to become a auto technician when I graduate.

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